TonyKart Neos Chassis

TonyKart Neos Chassis
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Product Description

The NEOS is the replacement for the Rookie Chassis. Fully designed from scratch, not a redesign of its predecessor. Starting from a solid base the OTK Group gathered technical information from miles and miles of on track test sessions as they refined it. Added to this, the use of high quality raw materials and accurate machining for which the OTK Kart Group is known for.

The braking system of the NEOS was also designed from scratch. The new BSM2 system has shown incredible efficiency and excellent performance. Accomplished by the use of a new brake line and a one-piece brake pump. The brake caliper features a 2-piston structure for better feel under braking, which is fundamental in a class where safety and performance are top priorities.

The Neos makes use of several unprecedented accessories such as the next-generation AXJ aluminum wheels, the stub axles, the wheel hubs, just to name a few. Next to them the high grip steering wheel and the footrest, now standard equipment.

New Details as pictured: One-piece brake pump Next-generation aluminium wheels Stub axles Wheel hubs Standard footrest Brake lines Steering wheel Muffler connection Multi-hole stub axle bushes Adjustable throttle cable Note: Chassis Only. Tires, Engine, etc. sold separately. NEOS HOMOLOGATION NO. CIK/FIA 16/CH/20 FRAME MATERIAL Molybdenum chrome steel TUBES DIAMETER 28mm WHEELBASE 950 mm AXLE 30 mm BRAKING SYSTEM BSM2 with Dot 5.0lubricant INCLUDED ACCESSORIES magnesium components, MXJ wheels, new exhaust supports, front and rear torsion bars, aluminium pedals BODYWORK M5 homologated ACI-CSAI and optional CIK-FIA front fairing attack - stickers kit with new graphics design