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The Rookie is the latest evolution of the Tony Kart model for the mini/cadet category. The major design changes are the brake system and frame geometry. The Rookie USA chassis has geometry changes to better suit our tracks.

The chassis has been redesigned according to the information collected from the TonyKart Race Team. The goal, being able to suit the widest range of track conditions. It also boasts a newly designed decal kit for 2019. Another new feature is the adjustable front seat support bracket, making seat mounting and adjustments easier.

The new BSM4 brake system is equipped with a 4 piston one piece ergal brake caliper which auto adjusts to brake pad wear. This is combined with the new self-ventilated brake disc. (160x10mm). Provided with steel braided brake lines. ROOKIE FRAME MATERIAL Molybdenum chrome steel TUBES DIAMETER 28mm WHEELBASE 950 mm AXLE 30 mm BRAKING SYSTEM BSM4 with Dot 5.0lubricant INCLUDED ACCESSORIES aluminum machined components, eccentric washer for caster/camber adjustment, alcantra steering wheel, 3 litre fuel tank, MSHL Stub Axles, Flat Bottom seat available in two sizes BODYWORK M5 homologated ACI-CSAI - stickers kit with new graphics design