Tillett T11VG Fiberglass Karting Seat - SOFT

Tillett T11VG Fiberglass Karting Seat - SOFT
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Product Description

Special Order T11VG Tillett Unpadded Clear Fiberglass Hand Laid Seat - Soft Version - The soft version of the T11 allows the kart to free up even more than the standard T11 when the rubber builds up. The Shape of the T11 Seat allows the Driver to Sit Lower in the Seat for a lower CG which works great for high grip tracks or tall drivers to allow the kart to stay free, seat size runs a little bigger than other Tillett seats

*Special Order - Not an in stock item

Small - A15 B11.25 C13.5 Manetti - A15.75 B11.75 C14.5 MS - A16 B12 C15 ML - A16 B12.5 C15 L - A16 B12.5 C15.25 XL - A16 B13.75 C15.75