Seat Pad Dumbell Kit

Seat Pad Dumbell Kit
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Product Description

Seat Pad Dumbell Kit
The Seat Pad Kit Dumbells are designed to absorb vibration and impacts while the driver is on the track. Made to a specific formulation, the Seat Pad Kit foam absorbs the most vibration and offers the best comfort to the driver of any seat padding kit available.

The Dumb Bell shaped pieces that are included in the Large Oval and Sprint seat kits can be strategically placed to pad a part of the body that bruises or aches after a day of racing. 8 Dumb Bell pads are included in the Large Seat Pad kits.

Additional Dumb Bell pads can be ordered for more coverage in the seat - 8 Dumb Bell pads per kit.

All the pads in the kit are waterproof, so while running in the rain, they won't absorb water.

A Seat Pad kit may also help fill in the gaps of a seat that is just a bit too big for the driver.

Specs: Customize placement in the seat for comfortable fit. Kit includes Velcro coins needed to attach pads to the seat, Closed cell construction keeps the foam padding from absorbing water.