R2C Briggs Animal Filter 3" x 5" (1.25" I.D.) 20* FLANGE "New Style"

R2C Briggs Animal Filter 3" x 5" (1.25" I.D.) 20* FLANGE "New Style"
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Product Description

R2C racing Kart air filters deliver unmatched performance and engine protection while eliminating oiling. R2C Kart air filters feature a specially designed media that stops more dirt and makes more horsepower than competitive air filters as they begin to collect dust. While washable using any biodegradable detergent, R2C high performance Kart filters are simple to maintain trackside using 50-60 psi compressed air from inside out and they're race ready over and over again.

R2C Kart filters feature computer designed outlet shapes that maximize the distribution profile as it enters the carburetor. Count on our decades of military air filter design experience to maximize the performance and engine protection of your Kart.

Unmatched Engine Protection for Kart engines Dyno and track proven horsepower gains exceed the competition. Carbon fiber end cap and durable hex filter screen for maximum durability! No Air Filter OILING!