PKT's New Sprocket Carriers

PKT's New Sprocket Carriers
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Product Description

PKT's New Lightweight High Quality Sprocket carriers. Available in a 3 spoke 25mm carrier for Kid Kart applications and a 3 or 6 spoke 30mm carrier for Kid Karts and Cadets. Machined with both 6mm and 8mm keyways. Finished in black anodize with laser engraving. Sprocket bolts included.

"NEW" HD version for the higher torque of 4 Cycle, TAG Micro and Mini, RMAX, Swift, Rok Etc. With 6mm and 8mm keyway. Sold Individually.

"NEW" 40mm and 50mm 6 spoke versions for 4 Cycle and TAG applications. With 8mm keyway. Sold Individually.