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NEW Carbon Fiber Noonan Pedal Riser System

NEW Carbon Fiber Noonan Pedal Riser System
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Product Description

We had heard about the Noonan Risers and had seen them but never had a use for them until this season. Kaden was having a difficult time with his foot pedal no matter how I tried adjusting them he was just too short. After speaking with Rick Noonan and taking the time to really examine his riser system, I knew these were the answer to our problems. Kaden is much more comfortable and gets much let fatigued in the kart. These are a must if your driver is using their entire leg to push on the gas or brake or has a tendency to rest their foot to the side.

The system include the following features:

- Kid kart and Jr. Sportsman/Cadet Models.

- System adapts to a wide range of Stock Pedals.

- Carbon Fiber Molded heel cups.

- Adapts to a wide range of karts.

- Allows the use of the front Torsion bar.

- Achieves perfect foot placement.

- For the shortest and the youngest drivers.

- Fully integrated hard throttle stop.

- Throttle cable barrel adjuster on riser.

- Design provides a stable platform for throttle and brake pedal and prevents them from deflecting.

- All Tech and SAFETY clipped hardware are included with the kit.