Longacre Leakdown Tester & Crankshaft Holder Tool Kit

Longacre Leakdown Tester & Crankshaft Holder Tool Kit
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High Quality Tester from Longacre Racing Products

Quickly tell - from the outside - when your engine needs an overhaul!This easy-to-use tester checks ring seals, valves, even head gaskets. Don't wait too long to rebuil d that expensive motor - but don't do it too soon either!

Allows the ability to achieve consistent power Stretch out the time between costly teardowns Rugged design features rubber bumpers to protect the gauges Exclusive Longacre gauge manifold meters the airflow for precise reading Crankshaft Holder Tool:

This tool can be used for rotating the crankshaft when setting the valve lash or checking valve lift. The primary purpose of this tool is to hold the crankshaft at selected positions while performing the cylinder leak down test. Leak down testing can be checked at TDC, BDC and 7 positions between those check positions.

Made By Steve Baker