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KT100 Yamaha 1-Disc Clutch

KT100 Yamaha 1-Disc Clutch
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Product Description

One Disk -The Patriot brand is the highest precision two cycle engine clutch on the market. The Patriot 1 Clutch has a six spring, six lever, one disk layout built into a small diameter design. The Patriot 1 is recommended for Sportsman Rookie and Sportsman Junior classes.

Patriot Clutch Features -

- Six spring, six lever design provides for increased, uniformed clamping pressure and smooth symmetrical lockup

-High strength alloy steel inner hub resists deflection for a more consistent clutch through the whole run

- Six slot drum for DOUBLE drum life

- Triangle shape sprocket drive transfers torque instead of relying just on the sprocket bolts

- Lightweight heat treated alloy steel drum

- Consistent air gap completely around the clutch is achieved with precision ground parts

- Precision machined and hardened alloy steel starter nut and clutch spacer

- Matched springs, .100"