Iame X30 Shifter 125cc

Iame X30 Shifter 125cc
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Product Description

Product Description The X30 Shifter derives directly from the 2011 CIK World Cup winning engine and is equipped with an electric starter. The X30 Shifter is fun to drive, with the typical features required in stock classes: consistent performance, reliability, ease of use.

Technical Specifications

Class: 125cc - Stock Shifter Class TaG Description: Single Cylinder 2 stroke Bore: 53.89 mm Max Bore: 54.08 mm Stroke: 54.40 mm Displacement: 124.08cc Inlet System: Reed valve Lubrication: 4% oil mixture Ignition System: Digital with battery charger Transmission: 6 speed gearbox/6+6 discs dry clutch Cooling System: Water cooled Balancer Shaft: Present Starter: On board electric starter Carb. Model: Dell'Orto vhsh 30 Max Power: 40 HP at 13.000 Max Torque: 22.00 Nm at 12.000 rpm Max RPM Limit: 14.500 rpm (rpm limiter)