EVS R4K Koroyd Helmet Supports

EVS R4K Koroyd Helmet Supports
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Product Description

The R4K is a completely new race collar for 2016. It features a revolutionary Koroyd core with superior impact absorption and a reinforced nylon upper shell. The chassis has been completely redesigned to be lighter and more aerodynamic. In an impact, the head is pushed down on the race collar. The R4K effectively fills the gap between your helmet and shoulder with Koroyd, which absorbs impact energy better than standard race collar materials.

Koroyd(r) engineered core for superior impact absorption. Reinforced nylon upper shell. Lightweight, aerodynamic chassis design. Rapid lock closure system for easy front entry. Integrated X-Strap cleats. Polyurethane foam base. Youth model. Koroyd Engineered Core:

Superior Energy Absorption: The Koroyd structure has extremely efficient and consistent energy absorption properties. The cores decelerate the energy from an impact to reduce final trauma levels. Light on Weight - Strong on Performance: Koroyd is an extremely lightweight core, consisting of 95% air. Performs When the Heat is On: The mechanical properties of Koroyd remain stable in extremely hot and cold environments. Traditional energy absorbers suffer with reduced energy absorbing capabilities as they become hot and soft or cold and brittle.