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Economy "Carter" Chassis

Economy "Carter" Chassis
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The Top Kart "Carter" chassis is the ultimate Economy kart racing chassis for all engine applications. Being a 30mm chassis based around the premier Twister frame which has a highly proven success over the years, this allows to be run with lower horsepower engines such as Yamaha and LO206 as well as the higher horsepower engines like the IAME Leopard, X30, and Rotax for the Junior and Senior applications.

Chassis Tubing 30mm Wheelbase 1050mm Axle 50mm / 40mm Option Spindle D.25 Front Torsion Standard Metal Chain Guard KG 360 Full Seat IMAF Silver Brake System Hydraulic Wheels Magnesium 130/180 - 130/210 Rear Hubs Aluminum 50mm(L.60) / 40mm(L.122)

Front Hubs Magnesium L.72