Allison Racing Blueprinted IAME Parilla Mini Swift 60cc Engine Kit

Allison Racing Blueprinted IAME Parilla Mini Swift 60cc Engine Kit
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Product Description

Complete Mini Swift Kart Engine Kit for TaG Sportsman Class and WKA PRO Swift Sportsman Class.

Includes all parts in the box stock Mini Swift engine kit PLUS CRP's proprietary tweaks and secrets to get the best out of the Parilla Mini Swift!

Includes Wiring Harness, Battery Mount, Strap and Clamps, Exhaust Pipe, Carburetor, Header, Electric Start Burton Steering Wheel Mount Plate, Airbox, Airbox Filter, Airbox Boot

*******Battery Sold Separately******

The Mini Swift is the IAME's entry into the Italian Karting Federation's (IKF)(FIK) new JR class as well as SKUSA, and the WKA. This package is similar to the Gazelle and is simple to start, operate and maintain for new or experienced racer. Delivered as a spec engine package complete with centrifugal clutch, carburetor, air box, exhaust system, electric starter, electrical harness and all necessary mounting hardware. The mini swift uses a float bowl style carburetor instead of a pumper style that is used on the Gazelle.

What sets the Parilla Mini-Swift apart from its competitors in this new engine class is the legendary IAME durability and consumer-friendly components. Electric start is very popular with the spec engine class especially with young racers and parents.

The IAME Parilla Mini Swift package is the required engine for the SKUSA Cadet class (8 to 12 years old)

2016 SKUSA Pro Tour TaG Cadet Class Engine: IAME Mini Swift 60 Age: 8-12 Weight: 242 lbs (total kart & driver) Fuel: VP MS98 Oil: Motul 2T Grand Prix


DRIVER REQ: Attained age 8 through 12. ENGINE: Parilla Swift EXHAUST: Must be stock pipe and exhaust header as supplied by manufacturer. CARBURETOR: Tillotson HW-31A FUEL: Spec Fuel. KART: Cadet or standard kart chassis allowed. MINIMUM WEIGHTS: 245 lbs. SPEC TIRE: Bridgestone YLC – 10 x 4.50 - 5 Front and rear. OTHER: (1) Gear Ratio 5.30 Min., NO Max. (2) No axle clutches. (3) Class runs on same tires both days; new set required at qualifying round.

Technical Specifications

Engine Type: single cylinder – 2 stroke

Bore: Ø 41.80 mm

Max Bore: Ø 42.07 mm

Stroke: 43.15 mm

Displacement: n/a cc (60cc max)

Carb. Model: Tillotson HW-31A (ØVenturi 17mm)

Inlet System: piston valve

Lubrication: oil mixture 4% to 6% (24:1 to 16:1)

Ignition System: digital with battery charger

Transmission: dry centrifugal clutch

Cooling System: air cooled

Starting: on-board electric starter

Common Problems: Rough running or misfire at high engine RPM

Solution: The connector plug on the coil maybe loose, check how tight the fit is, squeeze the connector with pliers to make the plug tight.

Common Problems: Engine splutters and wont accelerate to reach higher RPM on first lap.

Solution: The engine needs to be warmed up on the stand before first use of the day, start the engine and rev up and down until the cylinder head is hot to touch. Do not let the engine sit at idle RPM for prolonged periods, this causes the engine to oil up (become to rich) These engines like to rev, start the engine and immediately leave the pits and drive at full speed as soon as it's safe to do so.

If you do foul a spark plug, the recommended spark plug for the mini swift engine is the NGK BR10EG, you can also use the NGK BR9EG and NGK BR11EG spark plugs to compensate for hotter or colder weather, the NGK BR9EG is normally used for wet weather and the NGK BR11EG for very hot weather.

We have found no performance advantage using the other plugs and would recommend always using the NGK BR10EG

Servicing: The mini swift engine needs servicing after 25hrs of use, to keep the engine fresh and at maximum performance we recommend servicing every 15hrs of use. Servicing usually involves having a new piston fitted and internal component tolerances checked.