CNC Machined Lightweight Sprockets

CNC Machined Lightweight Sprockets
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Product Description

The CRP #219 aluminum sprocket is fully CNC machined from American made by Alcoa 6061 T6 aluminum. Other, cheaper, sprockets use off-shore aluminum and are hobbed(stamped then cut) manufactured which can cause unintended distortions in the sprocket. This method leads to increased wear of the chain, drive sprocket and the axle sprocket. The CNC process, though more time consuming, creates a very lightweight sprocket that is perfectly true and round, sprocket after sprocket.

Compare: Aluminum RLV 79t sprocket at 5.8 ounces Aluminum CRP 79t sprocket at 4.8 ounces That is 17% less rotational sprocket mass on the drive axle!

In addition to superior materials and fabrication, the specific design of the teeth and a Type II black anodized finish give the CRP sprocket high performance with superior wear resistance and longer chain life.

Works especially well with high horsepower TAG engines.

Fabricated for CRP in The USA!