Name: Cash Wyke

Age: 9

Home Town: Harrison, OH

Years Racing: 3

Chassis: Nitro Kart

Engine/Engine Builder: Allison Racing Engines

Sponsors:CRP Racing

Level of dedication: 2015 OVKA Kid Kart Class, 2015 Kid Kart Nationals 2016 OVKA Yam Rookie Sportsman, 2016 USPKS Yam Rookie - NCMP 2017 WKA Man Cup - Micro Swift, 2017 USPKS Micro Swift - NCMP, 2017 OVKA Yam Sportsman (limited schedule), 2017 GoPro Karting Challenge- Micro Swift (limited schedule), 2017 KRA Yam Sportsman (limited schedule)

Series Competing in 2018: 2018 WKA Man Cup - Micro Swift, 2018 GoPro Karting Challenge - Micro Swift & 206 Cadet (limited schedule), 2018 KRA Yam Sportsman & 206 Cadet (limited schedule), 2018 OVKA Yam Sportsman & 206 Cadet (limited schedule), 2018 Briggs 206 Cup - Camden & NCMP Nationals, 2018 Buckeye Karting Challenge

How I got started karting: I love competing and my daddy raced karts when he was a kid and it sounded like lots of fun. I was excited about getting my chance and love being involved in this great sport.

Driver Goals for 2018 Season: With help from Team Nitro Kart and all my great teammates I hope to continue to develop as a driver, have fun with family and friends and raise awareness for children athletes with Type 1 Diabetes.

My favorite tracks: Daytona Intl Speedway, GoPro Motorplex, New castle Motorsports Park, G&J Raceway Park.