Engine Blueprinting

Engine Blueprinting
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Product Description

When we blueprint a Comer Kid kart engine, we do so in such a manner in which we get the maximum amount of performance out of your engine but still have it remain within the allowable rules by the WKA or IKF. The process includes a complete tear down and inspection of all components and a reassemble using the trick legal parts. The engine will then be set up to run at its very best. We are unable to share with you exactly what all we do and how/why we do it but I can tell you it will be legal and a great investment.

$450 plus parts and return shipping.

**** Blueprinted race engines and parts do not have warranties. Once an order is placed and paid for the engine or part'(s), they now belong to you the customer. The order can not be cancelled or returned for a refund. Most new engines get faster as the break in process is accomplished and get "seasoned". There is absolutely no guarantee that you will bolt it on and win, it is absurd to think that way and no one in the industry can give you that guarantee. There are way too many factors in racing for anyone to make that promise. We can not guarantee an engine will pass tech, when they leave they will be built to technical standards but parts do break, carbon builds up and racers try things to make them go faster, therefore we can not guarantee it will pass tech. Please ensure you understand all of these conditions before placing an order for a racing engine or blueprinted parts. ****