Big Foot "Shorty"

Big Foot "Shorty"
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Product Description

35 x 47 x 6

Stronger than ever! The Streeter "SHORTY" BIG FOOT has the same great innovative features as our number one selling Big Foot, other than the shorty is 6" lower in height.

This is a great choice for those needing a lower lifting and work height.

By request, we re-released this model, yet made certain it carried the exact same look and durability of its taller counterpart.

For even added strength and toughness, we added exclusive support plates to an already stout frame, giving even the heaviest of karts a safe home.

There is now no other Shorty type stand available as good as ours, no way! Not even close.

Black, red and blue powder coat finishes are standard on this model along with the sweet looking aluminum tray that folds out of the way when not in use.