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Arai GP-6 PED Helmet

Arai GP-6 PED Helmet
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Arai GP-6 PED Helmet
SAH2010 Auto Racing Helmet, White

Arai GP-6 PED Auto Helmet Using the same shell shape as the F-1 GP-6RC, the GP-6(PED) provides the latest incarnation of the iconic Arai "GP" Series auto racing helmet. The GP-6(PED) utilizes a new shield, as the eye port has been enlarged by 5mm on each side, to increase peripheral vision. Upper ventilation now incorporates three large, closeable intake vents to draw more air in, as well as two larger rear exhaust cowls which pull more air out. The combination greatly improves ventilation. *All vent holes have been increased to 10mm, from 7.8mm on the 5 series. Constructed using Arai's proprietary "PBcLc" (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminated Construction) the GP-6(PED) is light weight and provides incredible shell strength and flexibility. A stronger shell allows Arai to use an extremely soft interior EPS liner for maximum comfort and excellent impact energy management. Clear Performance Enhancing Device kit can be installed as needed. Cheek pads are replaceable with option sizes for a customized fit.

- Positive shield lock mechanism provides solid latching, while allowing normal operation of the shield. - Designed to be an integral component of the shield system and function, not just an add-on afterthought. - The complexity of the design is hidden beneath the simplicity of the function. - New shield pivot hardware improves aerodynamics. - Wider eye port for increased peripheral field of view. - Type "6" 3mm shield. Shield, pivot hardware and wider eye port are all the same as used on the new GP-6RC model. - Type "6" components are exclusive to Generation-6 models. - Large, closeable, intake vents combined with larger 10mm holes greatly increase air intake. - Larger 10mm rear vent holes, with larger cowls, increases airflow even further. - Newly integrated seats for HANS(r) posts. Pre-drilled shell to better facilitate proper installation. - Flat surface to allow anchor post bases to rest flush with the surface of the shell around the entire perimeter of the post base. - Newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along lower edge of shell to improve structural integrity. - Provides a stronger shell near the opening where it is needed, as well as lowers the center of gravity. - Rise in shell above the shoulders for added clearance.