2017 Kosmic Mercury 30MM

2017 Kosmic Mercury 30MM
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Product Description

The frame is made of Ř 30mm molybdenum chrome steel tubes and can undergo a large number of adjustments. Height and the rigidity can be modified by means of special torsion bars, moreover the range of adjustment of camber and caster is wide thanks to uniball incorporated eccentric multi-hole washers. The novelty of this model, top of Kosmic range, also includes other important components such as modern and efficient OTK adjustable aluminium pedals and MXJ magnesium wheels, of recent production, born by important challenging and effective research and development studies.

KF version, based on the category in which it competes, can be equipped with the SA2 and SA3 braking system, with brake hoses “evolution” and DOT 5.1. KZ version is specifically designed to make the most of the categories with the change and therefore has a specially designed body and components tailored to the needs of the class. The other devices, expressly designed, that differentiate it from the model of the categories with no change, are the pedals and BSS brake system.